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Schools & Camps

Looking to incorporate tennis into your physical education or after-school curriculum, enrichment or special needs program or summer camp?

Our play-based programs can be implemented virtually anywhere—a schoolyard, a backyard, a rooftop, a community center, a playroom or a tennis court. We come in, we set up a court, and then everyone has a ball! We can help design a program that fits your needs and your space. 

KTC's programs are an excellent addition to a summer or holiday camp. They not only bring in something new but also encourage movement and help develop hand-eye coordination and other athletic skills. No court necessary; kids can play in their bathing suits!

How do I get tennis classes at my school?

If you're a teacher, administrator, principal or parent, please Contact Us today for Class Times, Pricing & Locations. 

We offer a demo class at no charge. Try us today!

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