Athletic Development Sessions

Is your child interested in lacrosse, but you've never picked up a stick? Loves baseball, but you've  never stepped foot on a diamond? Enlist the help of one of KTC's Sports Coaches.  Our certified instructors can help introduce your budding athlete to a variety of sports skills.  From dribbling to kicking, catching to hitting, we'll make sure your child understands proper movements and techniques for safe and successful play.

Each session is designed to:

  1. Develop athletes through age-appropriate drills and exercises.

  2. Reinforce good sportsmanship through education about game rules and proper etiquette

Each class will be structured as follows:  

  1. Prep / Warm up - Athletes will be taught proper warm up and injury prevention techniques for each sport as well as movement preparation

  2. Athletic Skills - Athletes will learn the basic skills for their specific sport, including drills and live-play.

  3. Cool down - Athletes will be taught cool-down techniques, including proper breathing static stretching, and other yoga-inspired stretching techniques.

  4. Sports Etiquette - Athletes will be instructed on the etiquette, rules of conduct and good sportsmanship of their chosen sport.

Please Contact Us for more information on Athletic Development Sessions.

Classes are 60 minutes.

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