(ages 3 - 4)

A play-based program for young children that provides the most age-appropriate introduction to tennis, making players feel successful with every swing!

Racquetiers uses smaller, size-appropriate racquets, larger and low-compression balls and smaller nets to make the game more accessible, engaging and fun! Our proprietary PLAY-based curriculum and innovative equipment help develop body awareness, tracking skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, dynamic movement and basic athletic skills – all in a highly motivational, safe environment. Classes are taught by highly energetic certified tennis professionals who have been trained in the Racquetiers curricula & methodology.


The Racquetiers program is not only fun, but it’s systematic. There are three developmental milestones or “tiers” 

  1. Balance - managing the body while moving & staying within the bodies enter of gravity.

  2. Coordination: racquet & ball control as demonstrated through body management, racquet and ball control that increases the child’s hand-eye and foot-eye skills

  3. Cooperative play: hitting a ball back and forth, developing a foundation for rallying

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