Can my child take a trial class?

Absolutely! Trial classes are open to new KTC students, or ones that would like to explore a new age range of class!

What is your make-up policy?

You can find our make-up policy and the form to request a make-up class here. There are no make-ups, refunds, or credits after the week 5 of the session.

If a child must drop out of KTC classes due to a medical concern or issue, we require a note from their physician. Classes can then be completed the following session. If the child does not register for the entire following session, we cannot guarantee a weekly time spot. 

What is your weather make-up policy?

Classes may be cancelled from time to time due to circumstances outside of KTC's control, such as weather. KTC will use every reasonable effort to provide notice of such cancellations by email address provided upon registration. Notice may be given up to an hour before a class start time so please check your email before coming to class. It is at KTC's discretion whether a class be held or not, and may be based on forecasts rather than current conditions. For the safety of the students and for equipment maintenance reasons, classes will not be conducted on wet courts/surfaces - even if the sun is shining. We will try to schedule indoor space if it rains. However, if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, either a make-up class will be scheduled or a credit towards a new period will be applied. You will always get the number of classes you pay for!

What if you miss a scheduled make-up class?

We will make the utmost effort to give adequate notice of all make-up-class details so that a maximum number of students can attend. After notice of the date & time of the make-up class is provided by KTC, you must alert us within 24 hours if you cannot attend the make-up class; otherwise, it will be considered a "used" make-up opportunity. For missed end-of-season make-up classes, class credits towards your next season may be given in lieu of an additional make-up class opportunity.  

What is your refund policy?

We also have a specific refund policy, which provides a similar option. You can enroll for the session, and if, for some reason, your child doesn’t take to the class, you may withdraw up until the start of the second class. If you withdraw before the start of the 2nd class you’ll receive a prorated refund, minus a $35 processing fee and 3% of the total cost. If you withdraw after the 2nd class, you will receive a credit which must be used by the end of the following session.  We offer no cash back refunds. All refunds will be processed at the end of the session - in the last two weeks.

If a child must drop out of KTC classes due to a medical concern or issue, we require a note from their physician. Classes can then be completed the following session. If the child does not register for the entire following session, we cannot guarantee a consistent weekly class.

If you don't cancel 24 hours in advance for a private lesson, you will still be charged.

We have this policy because we understand that for young players, it can take a few classes to get used to a new sport, new environment, other children, even the coaches. 

What is your photo and video policy?

We do not allow photos or videos to be taken during class - for the privacy of all students, parents, coaches, and our environment. If you would like to have photos or videos taken during a class, we require a request at least 48 hours in advance and it to be approved as we have to contact our photographer! 

Are classes prorated?

 Yes. Classes are prorated.  Please see schedule for current pricing information.

What is your child-to-coach ratio?

KTC offers a range of programs for players of all ages, abilities and need states. Our child-to-coach ratio differs accordingly. Email us with questions about a specific program.

Do you require a minimum number of children to hold a class?

We believe in creating a fun and educational environment in a social setting. Therefore, we usually require a minimum of 3 children for a class to continue. KTC reserves the right to cancel a class as a result of insufficient registration. However, KTC may choose to hold a class (regular or trial) with less than 3 students.  

A full refund will be provided if a class is cancelled. Cancelled classes due to inclement weather may be made up at the discretion of the instructor. See above make-up policy. 

We understand some parents prefer lower-enrolled classes where each child can get more individual attention. You can take advantage of this by signing up for our private or semi-private lessons.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we do! We offer a 10% sibling discount and a 15% twin discount.  Please note, only one discount can be used at a time and discounts cannot be used on top of promotions. Contact us for more information. No discounts will be extended for private lessons.

What is Your Drop Off/Pick-Up Policy?

A child must be dropped off by a parent/adult. We do not allow early drop-offs as a child must be supervised by an adult. For pick-ups, a child must be picked up by an adult within 15 minutes after the end of class, unless specific arrangements are made in advance. It is the parent or caregivers responsibility to be there within 15 minutes after class ends.


What Should My Child Bring to Class?

If your child does not have a racquet, no problem! We provide racquets fit for your child's age and size. We only ask that your child wear athletic gear and proper sneakers as well as bring water/juice to each session.  

What is a Trial Session?

During a trial session our coaches will engage your child in a series of research based tennis, motor and movement progressions designed to understand what your child can do and could do if properly guided.

This information will help us place your child in a class with athletes that are compatible in skill level. The insights we gain about your child’s motor and movement development will be integrated into their class experience. All families will become learn how to foster their child’s tennis development at home through simple and fun exercises developed by our experts.

How do I book my Trial Session?

Please Contact Us for more information.

Can Classes be Carried Over into Other Sessions?

No classes can be carried over into other sessions.

What other class restrictions does KTC have?

Because children learn at different rates according to changes in their physical growth, social awareness, and cognitive understandings,  KTC reserves the right to occasionally move individual children to a different group then they were initially registered for to increase the child's success and learning.